Solution No 15

Pressure maintenance in the cold-water network and make-up by the potable water network.

Increase in efficiency: ~2.6%


Refix / Reflex
Fillcontrol Plus Compact

This chart is merely for illustrating the different connections. It has to be adapted to local conditions and fleshed out.



  • In cold-water systems that work without glycol the make-up can be done using the public potable water network.

Combination of ventilation and separation

  • Extwin combines ventilation, microbubble, dirt and sludge separators in one unit and can be installed optimally in cooling systems in the main volume flow of the return line upstream of the cooling unit.
  • No specified flow direction
  • Optional: high-performance magnetic insert for ideal separation of ferromagnetic particles, such as magnetite.
  • Easy to maintain and can be cleaned without interrupting operation. No provision of filter elements required.
  • The Exvoid T comes with a float gauge construction with a parallel guide, which ensures the functioning of the precision valve even in the case severe contamination.
  • Maintenance and replacement of the upper part of the vent Exvoid T in the case of separators in steel design possible without interrupting operation thanks to upstream 3-way valve.

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