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System solution for central heat generation, e.g. in large multi-family houses.

Potable water heating is provided by a solar facility and is supported by the heat generator if necessary.

Static pressure maintenance and automatic make-up, guarantee safe and efficient operation of the heating system.

Static pressure maintenance in large single-family or multi-family houses.

Increase in efficiency: ~2.6%


Refix / Reflex
Exvoid T (Solar) / Exdirt
Storatherm Aqua Solar

Fillcontrol Plus Compact

This chart is merely for illustrating the different connections. It has to be adapted to local conditions and fleshed out.


Solar facility

  • To vent the solar facility, an Exvoid T Solar must be installed at the highest point (large and fast-acting vent)
  • Always implement the final pressure maintenance for solar facilities and use an auxiliary vessel in order to protect the membrane of the expansion vessel

External pressure sensor for make-up pressure

  • Irrespective of demineralisation and softening, an external pressure sensor must be installed when using FillControl AutoCompact in order to measure the correct make-up pressure


  • If using demineralisation, we recommend Fillguard Mini for visual conductivity monitoring.

Separation technology

  • Exdirt sludge and dirt separators must be placed in the main volume flow, preferably on the return side preferably in front of the heat generator. 
  • Exvoid microbubble separators must be placed in the main flow (flow) downstream of the heat generator.

  • Exvoid T solars must be equipped with a shut-off valve

  • Exvoid T quick vents are to be installed preferably at high installation points. 

Potable water tanks

  • Potable water tanks must be connected in such a way that they are force-flowed (Flowjet).

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