Solution No 03

Static pressure maintenance in connection with vacuum degassing for the heating system.

Controlled make-up for static pressure maintenance (expansion vessel control).

Optional potable water heating system with legionella- prophylaxis in larger potable water systems.

System solution for central heating of a multi-family house.

Increase in efficiency: ~10.6%


Storatherm Aqua
Refix / Reflex
Servitec 25
AG connection set
Exvoid T (Solar) / Exdirt
Fillset Impuls

This chart is merely for illustrating the different connections. It has to be adapted to local conditions and fleshed out.


Integration of the dirt and sludge separator

  • The dirt and sludge separator Exdirt should be installed in the flow direction in front of the Servitec to reduce the dirt load for the degassing facility.
  • To increase the separation efficiency of ferromagnetic particles, the Exdirt dirt and sludge separators can optionally be equipped with a magnet insert.

Connection of the expansion vessel

  • The connection of the expansion vessel using a connection group is recommended since this simplifies the maintenance of the vessel (the connection of the KFE tap of the connection group causes the vessel to be emptied much faster in case of maintenance)

Connection of the manifold

  • Mind the position of the supply and return connections when connecting to the Hydrofixx, as otherwise this would impair the function of the integrated hydraulic switch.

Legionellae prophylaxis

  • The potable water manifold LegioNixx helps to avoid dead zones without structural alternations and the development of legionellae is prevented.

Pressure sensor for make-up pressure

  • Integrated pressure sensor inside Servitec to support static pressure maintenance (expansion vessel) by means of an automatic make-up function.


  • Gas-free make-up reduces the potential of corrosion potential by about 80% through oxygen input.


  • Servitec integration always in the return flow; in flow direction
  • Distance between supply and return (gas supply and low-gas connection) Servitec ≥ 500 mm.
  • Integration of Servitec into the facility hydraulics, preferably after the sludge and dirt separator (for additional protection for Servitec).
  • Servitec in compact design (wall mounting) for easy retrofitting (also in existing facilities).

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