Solution No 06

Servitec with Reflexomat for gentle pressure maintenance and maximum degassing.

Suitable for medium and large buildings with a high demand for automation.

System solution for Reflexomat and Servitec.

Increase in efficiency: ~10.6%


Storatherm Heat
Storatherm Aqua Load
Refix / Reflex
Reflexomat Silent Compact
Servitec 25
Exvoid Steel / Exdirt Steel / Exvoid T / Exdirt

This chart is merely for illustrating the different connections. It has to be adapted to local conditions and fleshed out.


Servitec with Reflexomat

  • Ideal combination of pressure maintenance and degassing—despite the degassed network, the Reflexomat guarantees extremely flexible operation at a constant pressure.
  • Servitec and Reflexomat have to communicate with each other (both devices are equipped with a pressure sensor). An electrical connection between the devices has to be planned on-site.
  • Servitec must be set on level control mode
  • Servitec acts as a “problem solver“ for air and gas problems (including retrofitting)


  • For noise-sensitive areas Reflex offers the whisper-quiet Reflexomat Silent.
  • When installing the oil meter, make sure that it is always free of e.g. coatings and paintings
  • In dynamic pressure maintenance stations, the basic vessels must always be connected flexibly in order to ensure smooth operation of level sensing.


  • Exvoid T is used for automatic initial and quick-release ventilation.


  • Vacuum degassing for optimum degassing of the facility and make-up water.

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