Solution No 07

Hydraulic diagram for large facilities and process technology facilities.

Hydraulic decoupling of generator and consumer circuits.

System solution for large facilities and process technology.

Increase in efficiency: ~2.6%


Storatherm Heat
Compact manifold
Refix / Reflex
Exvoid Steel / Exdirt Steel
Exdirt V

This chart is merely for illustrating the different connections. It has to be adapted to local conditions and fleshed out.



  • For noise-sensitive areas Reflex offers the whisper-quiet Reflexomat Silent.
  • When installing the oil meter, make sure that it is always free of e.g. coatings and paintings.
  • In dynamic pressure maintenance stations, the basic vessels must always be connected flexibly in order to ensure smooth operation of the level sensing.

Buffer tank with additional hydraulic switch

  • An additional hydraulic switch is required if an excessive pressure loss in the supply line to the manifold requires a further pump
  • An additional hydraulic switch allows the tank to be emptied as required.
  • Hydraulic decoupling by the hydraulic switch.

Protection of fittings

  • The Reflexomat guarantees a gentle control without pressure surges. Particularly larger, existing facilities with older materials are thus protected. Boilers and heat exchangers are also sensitive to pressure surges.
  • Maximum minimum operating pressure p 0 = 8.5 bar.

Facility restoration

  • If the condition of the existing heating system is not known in detail during old building restoration, the gentle pressure maintenance provided by a Reflexomat is recommended to avoid damage from pressure impacts


  • Exdirt V is the ideal solution for using the classic Reflex dirt and sludge separator Exdirt in vertical lines, too.
  • Standard mounting sizes according to series F1 and F2 (DIN 3202-1) according to DIN EN 558: 2012-03 allow for easy installation in existing facilities.

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