Solution No 08

Compact hydraulic solution for the implementation of large facilities, too.

Highly efficient vacuum spray tube degassing for system and make-up water degassing for optimum energy efficiency and operational facility safety.

Large facility with high demands on pressure maintenance and make-up.

Increase in efficiency: ~10.6%


Refix / Reflex
Fillset Compact
Exvoid T (Solar) / Exdirt
Exdirt V

This chart is merely for illustrating the different connections. It has to be adapted to local conditions and fleshed out.



  • Exdirt V is the ideal solution for using the classic reflex dirt and sludge separator Exdirt in vertical lines, too.
  • Standard mounting sizes according to series F1 and F2 (DIN 3202-1) according to DIN EN 558: 2012-03 allow for easy installation in existing facilities.
  • In order to protect the facility, an Exdirt should be installed in un-renovated sections of an existing heating system in order to minimize the dirt load for the system.

Installation of the generator circuit pump

  • The generator circuit pump should not be installed directly on the manifold in order to avoid faulty currents and exerting pressure on the manifold.

Reflexomat double compressor system

  • The double compressor and also a pump for redundancy or to increase the performance of the pressure raising system.

Quality of pressure maintenance

  • Reflexomat and Reflex Servitec—the ideal connection! Combine the Reflexomat with the Servitec spray tube degassing system. It not only does the make-up and frees the make-up water from dissolved gas, but also ensures almost gas-free system and make-up water. Air problems from free gas bubbles at system hot spots, circulating pumps or control valves are thus reliably avoided, and corrosion problems effectively prevented.



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