Article-No. 6811500

Reflex Fillcontrol Plus Compact unit for autom. filling and water make-up

Reflex Fillcontrol Plus Compact,
automatic make-up and filling unit for
heating and cooling systems equipped
with gas pre-charged membrane expansion

The device continuously monitors
the pressure of the installation and will
recharge the system from the drinking
water supply when the system pressure
goes below the set tolerance limit. The
device conforms to the European standard
EN 1717 and has been approved for
permanent connection to heating and
cooling systems.

The set consists of the following:
isolation valve, backflow preventor
BA type (RPZ),inline filter,
actuated motor valve (fail safe close),
pressure reducer and microprocessor
with LCD display.

The automatic refill is entirely moni-
tored so the process will interrupt
the water make up if the maximun
running time or the pre-set number
of replenishments is exceeded within
a 2 hours operational time.

The duration and frequency of fill
cycles in a 2 hour operation period
is restricted. In the event of
leakage the water make up will be
stopped. Built-in pressure reducer
prevents any overfilling of the
installation in case of total
malfunction. Information messages are
shown displayed on the screen.(i.e.
system pressure/error messages etc.)
Included is a volt free output and sound
signalfor common fault.

max. operating pressure: 10 bar
max. operating temperature: 70 °C
Flow value kvs: 0,4 m3/h
Power supply: 230 V,50 Hz
Net weight: 3 kg
Connections Inlet: Rp 1/2
Outlet: Rp 1/2
Length/Depth/Height: 208/91/305mm

6811500: Reflex Fillcontrol Plus Compact unit for