Article-No. 4209360

SINUS compact manifold 160/80 for the ProfiFixx system, 12 nozzles, 6 bar, 110 °C

Combined flow and return manifold, comprising rectangular tube with adjoining chambers divided by sinusoidal dividing wall made from black steel sheet S235.

Enables a space-saving and clear layout of the respective heating or cooling circuits. Connection nozzles designed as threaded or flanged nozzles and aligned at the height of the shut-off valves. Optionally possible from above, the side or below. Draining sleeves for flow and return chambers are fitted as standard.

The component is checked for 100% leak-tightness and primed in the factory. Type: 160/80
Material: S235
Distributor content: 8,0 L/lfdm
Number of generator circuits: 1 St.
Number of consumer circuits: 5 St.
Number of connecting pieces: 12 St.
Operating temperature: -10 °C - 110 °C
Operating pressure: 0 bar - 6 bar
Connection type: Flange
Max. connections, generator circuit: to DN 65
Max. connections, consumer circuit: to DN 65
Max. volume flow: 10,8 m³/h
Heat transfer at 70°/50°C: 2,6 kW/lfdm
Heat transfer at 70°/50°C: 1,7 %
Output at ΔT 20 °K: 250,00 kW
Chamber size: 160/80
Length: 3690 mm
Weight: 13,8 kg/lfdm