Article-No. 4210251

SINUS Hydraulic separator DN300 made of V4A 1.4571 Edelstahl, 65.0 m³/h, 6 bar, 110 °C

Hydraulic separator in vertical design. Ensures optimum hydraulic decoupling of the various primary and secondary circuits under all operating conditions. No interacting pumps at partial and full load. Comprising a vertical round chamber from welded V4A (1.4571) dished boiler ends.

The component is checked for 100% leak-tightness and primed in the factory. Type: DN300
Material: V4A 1.4571 Edelstahl
Number of generator circuits: 1 St.
Operating temperature: -10 °C - 110 °C
Operating pressure: 0 bar - 6 bar
Connection, consumer circuit: DN150
Connection, generator circuit: DN150
Max. volume flow: 65,0 m³/h
Height: 1800 mm