Storatherm Heat (buffer tank)

The Reflex Storatherm buffer tanks are designed according to the stratified storage principle. This means that they act like a thermal battery that separates heat generation and heat consumption in both a time-based and hydraulic manner.

This is an essential prerequisite for demand-oriented and efficient provision of energy from waste heat, solar systems, CHP and other heat generators whose thermal emission is not directly aligned with actual demand. Storatherm buffer tanks cover an extremely variable application area; essentially they are used as a primary store for supplying heating systems.

Storatherm Heat

Heating water buffer tank for heating and cooling systems

  • HF buffer tank,
  • HF.../R with service opening,
  • HF.../1 with bare-tube heat exchanger

Fleece insulation with foil jacket, up to 2000 litres supplied factory-insulated, otherwise enclosed
  • H,
  • H.../R,
  • H.../1

Above mentioned butter tank without thermal insulation, e.g. for site installation of a diffusion-resistant version

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Storatherm Heat Combi

Combination tanks as a heating water buffer tank with one bare-tube heat exchanger for dual heat supply and integrated hygienic domestic hot water heating.

  • potable water heating using an instantaneous water heating principle (stainless steel corrugated pipe)
  • Tank interior untreated, exterior plastic-coated
  • Fleece insulation with foil jacket, supplied factory-insulated

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