Storatherm Heat (buffer tank)

The Reflex Storatherm buffer storage tanks are designed to the stratified storage principle. This means that they act like a thermal battery that temporally and hydraulically separates heat generation and heat consumption. This is a substantial prerequisite for demand-oriented and efficient provision of energy from exhaust heat, solar installations, co-generation and other heat generators that are not directly aligned with actual demand. Storatherm buffer tanks cover an extremely variable application area; essentially they are used as a primary store for supplying heating systems.
  • Material: High-grade steel S 235JRG2 (ST 37-2) internally untreated, with outer plastic coating
  • Nominal volume, version-dependent: 300–5,000 l
  • Thermal insulation: Soft foam insulation with colour foil jacket
  • Permissible gauge operating pressure: Tank 3 bar, from 1500 litres 6 bar
  • Optional fitted bare-tube heat exchanger: 10 bar
  • optionally fitted through-flow drinking water heater: 10 bar
  • Permissible tank operating temperature: 95°C
  • Optionally fitted bare-tube heat exchanger: 110°C
  • Optionally fitted through-flow drinking water heater: 110 °C

Storatherm Heat

Heating water buffer tank for heating and cooling systems

  • HF buffer tank,
  • HF.../R with service opening,
  • HF.../1 with bare-tube heat exchanger

Fleece insulation with foil jacket, up to 2000 litres supplied factory-insulated, otherwise enclosed
  • H,
  • H.../R,
  • H.../1

Above mentioned butter tank without thermal insulation, e.g. for site installation of a diffusion-resistant version

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Storatherm Heat Combi

Combination tanks as a heating water buffer tank with one bare-tube heat exchanger for dual heat supply and integrated hygienic drinking water heating

  • Potable water heating using an instantaneous water heating principle (stainless steel corrugated pipe)
  • Tank interior untreated, exterior plastic-coated
  • Fleece insulation with foil jacket
  • Supplied factory-insulated
  • Permissible gauge operating pressure: Tank 3 bar| heating water 10 bar| drinking water 6 bar
  • Permissible operating temperature: Tank 95°C| Heating water 110 °C| Drinking water 95 °C

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