Fillsoft water Treatment technology

There is a constantly increasing heating surface load and efficiency requirement where modern boilers and/or heat generators are concerned. This also increases the risk of deposits, especially limescale, reducing performance and, in the worst case, destroying the boiler. Fillsoft water treatment valves are therefore the right choice for small systems because they are inexpensive, effective and easy to use.

In addition to the Fillsoft water softening only variant, a solution for water desalination, Fillsoft Zero is also available. This type of water treatment is often recommended when using aluminium materials in the heat generator area.

The basis is the Fillsoft housing, which can be individually equipped with the appropriate resin cartridges for softening or desalination.

Fillsoft fitting & cartridge

The basis is the Fillsoft housing with one or two cartridge slots, which can be equipped with the relevant resin cartridges for softening or desalination of the filling and make-up water. This results in four individual variants with different capacities and/or application areas. The familiar Fillsoft I and II units as pure softening devices are being replaced by the above mentioned variants. Existing devices are fully compatible with the new concept and can still be implemented accordingly.

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