THE SINUS HydroFixx combines the functionality of a compact manifold with that of a hydraulic separator. As a particularly space-saving component, a SINUS HydroFixx ensures safe hydraulics in all operating states in both heating and cooling systems.

Uniform nozzle spacing

SINUS HydroFixx manifolds with uniform nozzle spacing can be freely selected in terms of the number and nominal diameter of their connections, because these manifolds are manufactured individually. Here, it is also possible to combine several generator and consumer circuits, without causing hydraulic problems. Thanks to the uniform nozzle spacing, production and delivery is possible with the shortest of lead times.

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Variable socket distances

SINUS HydroFixx manifolds with variable nozzle spacing are implemented in a project-specific manner. In addition to the number and nominal diameter of the connections, the distances can also be freely selected.

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HydroFixx Mini

The SINUS HydroFixx Mini is used in systems up to 150 kW. If a generator circuit is to be mounted from below on the manifold. Thanks to the integrated hydraulic switch, this generator circuit is safely decoupled from the heating circuits which are to be connected from above. The connections of the heating circuits are targeted at common pump groups.

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Cascades are used to combine several heat generators of the same design in the form of a parallel circuit. As a rule, they are equipped with an integrated hydraulic separator and thus contribute to reliable hydraulics.

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