Compact manifolds

Compact manifolds are the space-saving type of hydraulic distribution in systems up to 9,000 kW. Each compact manifold type has other advantages: Thus, for instance, individual compact manifolds with uniform nozzles can be delivered in the shortest possible time due to industrial pre-production, by contrast, variable compact manifolds are custom-made for the project, while compact manifolds with 90° elbows enable use in highly cramped plant rooms.
The number and dimension of the connections can be freely selected for all three types.

Uniform nozzle spacing

Compact manifolds with uniform spigot distances can be freely selected in terms of the number and nominal width of their connections, as these manifolds are individually manufactured. The ProSinusX product configurator is ideal for configuration. Due to the uniform spigot distances, production and delivery is possible in the shortest possible time.

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Variable socket distances

Compact manifolds with variable spigot distances are designed completely project-specific. In addition to the number and nominal width of the connections, the distances can also be freely selected. Here, too, the ProSinusX product configurator can be used for individual configuration.

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With 90° bends

Compact manifolds with 90°-bends are used where space is particularly limited. The arrangement of the heating circuits results in a length saving of almost 50%.

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