Multivalent solutions

Multivalent solutions are ideal for heating or cooling systems with different temperature zones, for example when using different generators. These special products ensure safe hydraulics with maximum efficiency. Here, a differentiation is to be made between three different product types: THE SINUS MultiFlow Domestic is particularly powerful in small systems, the SINUS MultiFlow Center is individually configurable and also has a tank volume, THE SINUS MultiFlow Expert combines the properties of A SINUS MultiFlow Center with those of space-saving and easy-to-install compact manifolds.

MultiFlow Domestic

This multivalent manifold is intended for special use in condensing boiler or heat pump systems, in which a radiator circuit is combined with an underfloor heating system. In this way, the efficiency is significantly increased by using the residual heat from the return of the radiator circuit for the underfloor heating.

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MultiFlow Expert

THE SINUS MultiFlow Expert comprises a multi-temperature zone hydraulic separator and a manifold each for a high and a low temperature range. This solution is designed for heating and cooling systems with three temperature zones. The residual heat quantities of the high-temperature circuit are used to supply the low-temperature circuits. This ensures a particularly high level of efficiency while the hydraulic decoupling ensures safe functioning under all operating conditions.

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MultiFlow Center

The SINUS MultiFlow Center is a project-specific and individually designed all-rounder. The multi-layer stratified tank combines the functions of multivalent distribution, energy storage and hydraulic decoupling in a single product. In this way, both minimum generator run times and peak loads can be covered, while safe and fault-free operation are also ensured.

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