The SINUS ProfiFixx is a complete system consisting of a manifold, flange pump groups and insulation in compliance with the German Building Energy Act. The system is individually configurable, so that as a basis the manifold and also the respective heating circuits and supplies can be matched to the project. The SINUS ProfiFixx can be deployed flexibly in heating systems up to 1,600 kW.


The basis is formed by the basic framework of A SINUS ProfiFixx and can consist of a compact manifold, thermally isolated compact manifold or a SINUS HydroFixx.

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Where the supply is concerned, it is possible to choose between a supply with or without an Exdirt V sludge and magnetite separator. The Exdirt V ensures reliable separation of sludge and magnetite. This prevents the lines from clogging up and thus avoids malfunctions. Just like the pump groups and the manifold, the supply is uniformly insulated.

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Heating circuits

The heating circuits are available in nominal diameters DN 25 to DN 80 and can be optionally implemented as controlled circuits including three-way mixers or unregulated heating circuits without three-way mixers. The installation of the on-site pump is done quickly and easily by swapping out the pump dummy. On the system side, the pump groups have a threaded flange.

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