SINUS individual buffer tanks

  • Designed according to DGRL, approved according to Sinus works standard or AD 2000 rules
  • up to DN 2,400 and 25,000 liters
  • Connections according to your specifications
  • For hot and cold water systems
  • Optionally with pipe bends, nozzle pipes or mixing and layering plates
  • Other individual installations after consultation
  • On request including static proof (e.g. wind loads for outdoor installations)

Inspection opening (depending on size):
  • Hand hole fastener 100 x 150 mm or
  • Manhole closure 320 x 420 mm

thermal insulation:
  • Insulation design: polystyrene + polyester fiber fleece
  • 1.3mm polystyrene
  • 110 mm polyester fiber fleece 15 kg/m³ (WLG 0.038) fire class B1
  • Terminal block lock
  • PVC cap incl. 110mm insulating cover fleece
  • 60mm floor insulation
  • Manhole or flange hood
  • Not diffusion-tight

Further information on the individual memories from Sinus can be found here.

Configure individual buffer storage with the ProSinusX.

You can find an inquiry and order form for an individual buffer tank here.