Servitec (degassing systems)

The Servitec range offers reliable protection against gas problems in small and large systems– thanks to the active degassing of dissolved gases. A partial flow of the content water is diverted from the system, degassed under vacuum in the Servitec unit and returned, nearly completely gas-free, to the system. Automatically-controlled ball valves ensure a constant partial flow, independent of the pressure conditions within the system. The standard programme is designed for facility volumes of up to 220 m³.

Servitec Mini

Ideally suited for office and business buildings and technically demanding single or multi-family dwellings.

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Servitec S

Reflex Servitec Vacuum spray tube degassing for system and makeup water degassing in closed heating and cooling circuits, configured as a fully automatic multi-function unit.

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Servitec 35 - 120

Variable working pressure and high performance. Suitable even for high-rise buildings and local heating networks or combined heating and cooling systems.

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