Depending on requirements, SINUS manifolds of round or square design are manufactured as individual manifolds and collectors for the flow and return or as space-saving compact manifolds. While compact manifolds allow simple and quick installation without crossing pipelines, round-pipe manifolds can also be used in systems with high pressures and temperatures.

Small manifolds

Small manifolds are used in heating systems with a generator circuit of up to 150 kW. This can be installed from below on the manifold. The connections of the heating circuits are targeted at common pump groups.

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Compact manifolds

Compact manifolds are the space-saving type of hydraulic distribution in systems up to 9,000 kW. Each compact manifold type has other advantages: Thus, for instance, individual compact manifolds with uniform nozzles can be delivered in the shortest possible time due to industrial pre-production, by contrast, variable compact manifolds are custom-made for the project, while compact manifolds with 90° elbows enable use in highly cramped plant rooms.
The number and dimension of the connections can be freely selected for all three types.

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Compact manifolds thermally separated

Compact manifolds with thermal isolation have an air gap between the flow and return chambers and reduce heat transfer to a minimum. These manifolds are used in systems with a temperature spread > 25 K.

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Single chamber manifolds

Single chamber manifolds distribute and collect only the water of the flow or return.
Therefore, two separate components are required. These are primarily used in systems with higher pressures and temperatures, or when there are no constricted installation areas.

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Stainless steel manifolds

Stainless steel manifolds are used when the medium is corrosive or if special hygiene requirements must be complied with. In drinking water systems, the special design of THE SINE LegioNixx prevents the formation of zones with stagnant water, thereby preventing the growth of legionella in accordance with drinking water regulations.

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