Individual prefabrication

For special requirements, we offer completely individual prefabrication. Here, all the individual adapters are custom-made to the customer's needs, right through to the finished distributor assembly. For optimal safety, the custom-fit production including priming and pressure testing of all parts takes place.

Advantages for your construction project:

  • Significant time savings in construction

  • Cost savings

  • Less retention of your own local professionals

  • Very high quality and safety thanks to comprehensive leak testing

  • Clean assembly

In just a few steps to the finished distributor structure

1. Quotation and construction

Based on a hydraulic diagram, our engineers check the plausibility of the project and prepare a non-binding offer. After your order has been placed, our technicians and engineers will create a CAD drawing, which will be submitted to you for review.

Required information for the preparation of the offer:

  • Hydraulic scheme or sketch

  • Sizes of each circuit

Information needed for construction:

  • Hydraulic scheme or sketch

  • Built-in pumps and fittings (makes and nominal diameters)

  • Sizes of each circuit

  • if necessary available space

2. Manufacturing

After your production approval, the production of the individual fittings begins. The fittings are made to measure by qualified specialists, fully checked for leaks, and primed and numbered.

Before shipping, each fitting is subjected to a strict final inspection in order to be able to guarantee you a high standard of quality.

3. Delivery and assembly by the customer

Together with the distributor, you will receive all the adapters you need delivered to the construction site. The attached CAD parts list shows the position of each fitting piece in the distributor structure. A quick and clean assembly of the complete system can be done in a few hours.

For further information, you are welcome to download our product brochure or the order form directly.