Longtherm heat exchanger

Longtherm heat exchangers can be adapted to virtually any requirement. They are available in a variety of sizes, moldings and connection types. With a range of a few kilowatts to several MWs, permissible excess operating pressures of up to 30 bar and a temperature range of up to 195 °C, Longtherm heat exchangers complete all principal energy engineering applications.

Longtherm 15 (rhc), 40 (rhc), 60 (rhc)

The small dimensions of the Longtherm are predominantly used in district heating, to separate systems in underfloor heating systems or for summertime cooling in geothermal systems.

  • Design: Threaded connection
  • Connecting screws: Screw-on end, soldered end, welding end

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Longtherm 300 (rhc)

In its largest series dimension, the Longtherm is suitable for capacities beyond 1 MW. The flange design, foot construction and lifting eye are as standard in this size.

Connected individually or in parallel, it satisfies the capacity demands of any application in remote heating or industry.

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Longtherm 85 (rhc und rlc), 150 (rhc), 200 (rhc)

With capacity sizes of up to 1 MW, Longtherm with a dimension of up to 200 [] can supply large-scale residential complexes with heat and heated potable water.

For district heating and industrial applications, versions with flange connections are available.

  • Design: Threaded connection, flange connection
  • Optional: screw-on end, soldered end, welding end, foot construction

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