Reflex Storatherm hot water storage tank

The new ErP-guideline for heating technology comes into force at the end of September. "ErP" is the abbreviation for "energy related products". In the future product- and alliance-labels will give information about specific energetic qualities. Potable water- and buffer storage tanks up to 2.000l need to fulfill the defined minimum requirements, the duty to label exists only for a tank volume up to 500l. As product labels onyl refer to single products as warm water tanks, the alliance labels refer to the whole heating system with all its components.

Reflex is well prepared for this and able to cover all top energy efficiency classes of the new ErP-guideline, A, B and C. A tank is energy efficient if it avoids heat loss. This is possible with effiecient heat insulation.      

Reflex developed a new heat insulation for its storage tanks: rECOflex. The porous enclosed PU-foam forms many microscopic small cells during production process. The wall thickness of the cells is very small, due to this the heat conduction is reduced drastically. As the storage tank is completely covered in rECOflex, the precious warm energy remains in the storage tank. The building material class according to DIN 4102 is B2.