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ISH 2023: Reflex Winkelmann focuses increasingly on energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability

Thinking not only about tomorrow today, but also far beyond: as a leading supplier of high-quality systems for heating and hot water supply technology, Reflex Winkelmann GmbH, headquartered in Ahlen, Westphalia, is ideally equipped and positioned to meet future challenges. At ISH 2023 in Frankfurt, the company will present its new strategic orientation.

New twistable separators

The proven Reflex Winkelmann portfolio now has a new addition – the Twist series brass separators. What's special? These separators can be completely rotated, without locking, allowing a space-saving installation in any position, including seamless integration into existing plants.

For medium-sized plants: Reflex Servitec S

With Servitec S, Reflex Winkelmann has new addition to the Servitec product portfolio. Servitec S has been designed for use in medium-sized systems such as apartment blocks, school buildings and small businesses and offices – for systems with water volumes up to 6 m³ and water/glycol mixtures up to 4 m³.

Longtherm: Brazed and gasketed

Range of sizes, imprints and connections. Whatever the customer’s local system requirements, Reflex Longtherm heat exchangers will always have the appropriate solution. They are used to separate circuits with different parameters such as different operating pressures, water volumes or water qualities as found in underfloor heating, district heating, drinking water heating systems, solar energy systems, or for cooling machines.

Reflex Solutions Pro

By using this tool, products from the entire Reflex portfolio, which has been extensively expanded in recent months, can be individually combined and arranged to correspond to the relevant system – from pressure maintenance, degassing and separation to make-up and water treatment, heat exchangers and the right potable-water and buffer tanks.

Product configuration ProSinusX

From compact manifolds via SINUS HydroFixx, to buffer tanks. ProSinusX allows installers and planners to create individual configuration for even the most complex manifold construction and other hydraulic components.

Synergy in practice

The most recent combination of Sinus and Reflex emphasises how the brands successfully continue to work and grow together to provide seamless product solutions, the result: Sinus ProfiFixx manifold with an integrated Exdirt V. The vertical dirt and sludge separator is installed on the manifold’s main return circuit and is integrated into the insulation. Key benefit – the pre-fabricated solution provides optimum protection for the system from dirt and sludge particles.

Resolute efficiency

As a company that is a driving force when it comes to the environment and climate, Reflex Winkelmann GmbH is aware of its responsibility and provides system solutions which allow heating and cooling systems to operate efficiently, making them sustainable and fit for the future. The topic of energy self-sufficiency is also gaining importance at the parent company, the Winkelmann Group.