Management Policy of the Business Unit Winkelmann Building+lndustry

The division Winkelmann Building+lndustry has set itself the goal of creating an environment in which customers and suppliers see themselves as partners, above and beyond the legal and normative requirements.

The customer helps determine what quality is, we determine the path to it.

We meet the requirements of the applicable environmental and occupational safety standards through risk-conscious, prever,tive and sustainable entrepreneurial action, supplemented by resource-saving measures from our own energy-saving targets.

We use meaningful key performance indicators to monitor compliance with the targets set and continuously improve our management systems .. We are all committed protecting the environment and enabling safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, as weil as continuously improving our occupational health and safety and environmental protection management system and thus our occupational health and safety and environmental performance.

We monitor and eliminate health hazards and involve employees or their representatives in important occupational health and safety issues. To involve all functional areas, we have developed a medium-term target framework in order to meet the challenges and, above all, we defined the continuous improvement along the entire value chain. This will be supplemented by a long-term program to position the business area for the future.

We have created a working environment for our employees that allows them to respond flexibly to events that cannot be planned.

We develop new products and technologies using partly agile, partly classic development methods in order to continuously increase our contribution to resource savings. We consider it as our responsibility to ensure this throughout the entire supply chain by selecting suitable partners and clearly describing our requirements and monitoring compliance with them.

We produce using modern production techniques, taking into account a resource-saving value chain, and live the Kaizen approach in the company with the Winkelmann production system.

We communicate across all locations both internally and with our customers and suppliers as important external partners via modern communication channels in the course of digitalization. In this way, we ensure rapid worldwide availability of the relevant information for the common tasks.

We implement uniform standards in all companies of the Winkelmann Group by globally supporting the central processes of the Winkelmann Group and ensure cooperation with interested parties in compliance with applicable laws and guidelines.