New heat exchanger portfolio

Longtherm: Brazed and now available gasketed

Range of sizes, imprints and connections. Whatever the customer’s local system requirements, Reflex Longtherm heat exchangers will always have the appropriate solution. They are used to separate circuits with different parameters such as different operating pressures, water volumes or water qualities as found in underfloor heating, district heating, drinking water heating systems, solar energy systems, or for cooling machines. Their objective is to ensure highly efficient heat Exchange with the minimum flow resistance. Reflex Winkelmann has introduced a complete overhaul of the brazed heat exchanger range at ISH 2019 – a range which has proven itself in practice over many years. At that’s not all: due to high demand, the range has been extended to provide Reflex customers with gasketed heat exchangers.

Tip for planners: The new configurator is a quick and reliable tool for easy calculation and configuration of Longtherm product solutions. 

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