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Our training programme is geared to your needs and offers suitable training for every level of knowledge and every target group.

The increasing complexity of pressure maintenance systems and applications leads to increased demands on all of us. This affects installers, planners and energy consultants as well as employees of wholesale companies, contractors and operating companies.

In the future, our classroom training concept will be supplemented by so-called "web-based training" in the form of online training. Short, concentrated knowledge units on basic principles through to current topics and innovations in the area of applications and products in our Portfolio.

With reflex4experts - Online Training you are always up to date.

Concentrated knowledge online: Live lectures for PC, tablet or smartphone. Short and interesting learning units with current and exciting topics which you can easily follow in the office, at home or on the road.

The dose of knowledge for in between, so to speak, conveyed by our reflex experts, in order to be up to date or to refresh existing Knowledge.



Reflex Solutions Pro Training


The next generation of the design tool provides you with even more comprehensive and needs-based support for your project planning. Extensive additions to the product range, intuitive menu navigation with alternative recommendations and many other useful elements now make your planning easier. In order to simplify the introduction to the new design tool, our training team offers an online tutorial in which you will be taught the first steps. The following topics are taught in our online training: Basics in the RSP Tool - How do I register - What can I find where? - Calculation of example tasks.


Plant mechanic; Customer Service Engineer, Facility Service and Management, Planners and engineering Offices



Nils Bußkamp

Reflex Solutions Pro Online Training

Basics pressure maintenance – Why pressurization?


Why a functional pressure maintenance is so important for a proper operation of a heating or cooling system, you will learn in our online training for the basics of static pressure maintenance. The most problems with gas, circulation failures and/ or corrosion are caused by a not well adjusted or maintained pressurisation. The correct installation and commissioning as well as regular maintenance are the basic requirements for a faultless and efficient operation. In our online training the first theoretical basics for this will impart knowledge to make your daily work easier and increase the customer satisfaction.

·         Pressure in closed heating circuit systems

·         Tasks of pressurisation in heating circuit systems

·         Water – our transport system - important properties

·         Static pressure maintenance with diaphragm expansion vessels

·         Operations and maintenance


Target group:

Consultants, system operators, plant manufacturer



Andreas Millies