20 years vacuum spray-tube degassing

Gas inclusions not only interfere with the operational safety of heating and cooling systems, they also have a massive impact on the efficiency of energy transmission. So how can air and gases be effectively removed from the system water? This question marks the beginning of Servitec's success story.

Highlights of the anniversary year:

  • 20 years of expertise and maximum efficiency thanks to vaccum spray-tube technology
  • Product news: Servitec S for medium-sized systems
  • Optimized product portfolio – the right soltion for every application area

Milestones of Servitec innovations

  • The idea

    How can air and gases be effectively removed from system water? This question marks the beginning of Servitec’s success story. Creative engineers teamed up with scientists from the Institute of Power Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden in the quest for solutions. The wish list was long: establishing optimum operating conditions, ensuring safe System operation, user-friendliness, significantly increasing energy efficiency and all this as a retrofitting solution. After three years of research and development, the time had fi nally come: Servitec entered the market.

  • The technology

    Which technology is the most efficient? And why a vacuum spray-tube? According to Henry’s law, the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid depends on the temperature and pressure the liquid is subject to. Servitec’s engineers harnessed this law. Since the solubility of gases in a vacuum is virtually zero, it quickly became clear that degassing had to take place in a vacuum. But degassing was slow, after all a vacuum is inactive, almost lenitic. So they set the water in motion, by spraying it. The result: vacuum spray-tube technology!


  • Our mission

    “Our heating keeps on breaking down.“ Calls like this are the first key sign for Servitec sales reps. They explain with conviction how the spray-tube degassing system works and the huge advantages it harbours. The heaters run reliably, smoothly and safe. Servitec also reduces corrosion and sludge formation in the supply pipes. Tirelessly, too: in twenty years of continuous operation, the first Servitec recorded 130,000 cycles of vacuum, spraying and degassing. The passion of our sales force remains unbroken – only nowadays – so they tell us – you don’t have to explain to anyone what Servitec is anymore. It is state of the art.

  • Our success

    The modern Reflex Control concept enables fully automatic operation with a data interface for integration into modern building management and connection with other Reflex products. To this very day, spray-tube degassing remains a technical benchmark for the optimum operation of heating and cooling systems. And Servitec has long since arrived in the digital age. Systems that are far away? No qualified personnel on site? With the Reflex Control Remote, Servitec is easy to monitor – securely, quickly and from anywhere. And now, in its anniversary year, the new Reflex Control Smart App is the latest innovation: it allows easy commissioning and control of the Servitec Mini and Servitec S by app. Happy Birthday, Servitec!

Benefits at a glance

Servitec has been convincing customers for more than 20 years:

✓ Powerful central degassing of the content water and make-up water

  • Active degassing of dissolved gases with a degree of separation of up to 90%
  • High efficiency confirmed by independent institutes and studies

✓ Permanent operational reliability of the entire heating/cooling system

  • Protection against long-term damages caused by corrosion and deposits for less maintenance and longer plant life

  • Prevention of plant failures caused by gas and air inclusions

✓ High profitability thanks to reduced maintenance costs and less abrasion

  • Optimum heat transfer medium and less sludge formation for more power and up to 10.6 % energy saving potential
  • Protection of pumps against air and cavitation
  • No need of complex decentral ventilation as well as rinse ventilation in surface heating systems

Efficiency made by Reflex

Prooved efficiency – Up to 10,6 % energy savings with Servitec

More efficiency means less environmental impact, lower costs and yet full climate comfort. Reflex Winkelmann offers product solutions that increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems by up to 10.6 %. The results were determined by an independent company, the ifes Institute (Institute for Applied Energy Simulation and Facility Management), and verified by TÜV Nord. Another benefit for the environment and economy: Servitec not only saves emissions and energy costs but also maintenance and investment costs. Learn more.

Partner of energy transition

For us, creating the energy transition is not lip service, but daily practice. This is why we are a member of DENEFF (German Energy Efficiency Business Initiative) and a partner of co2online, the non-profit consulting company for climate protection, which is also supported by the European Commission and the German Environment Ministry.

Energy efficient calculator

What is the saving potential in your plant? Whether heating, cooling or combination system: With the Reflex energy efficiency calculator you can determine in just a few steps by what degree you can increase the efficiency of your system through innovative pressure maintenance, degassing and dirt separation. And how you can noticeably reduce costs and resource consumption.

Go to energy efficiency calculator 

The right solution for every application

Servitec Mini



  • For small ystems up to 1m³ and 100 kW

  • Application example: One- and two- family homes, ament buildings, kindergarden, public buildings, small offices

Servitec 35/60/75/95/120



  • For large systems up to 220 m³
  • Application examples: offices, industry buildings, Skyscrapers, district heating



Servitec S



  • For medium-sized systems up to 6m³
  • Application examples: appartment buildings, small school buildings, small office buildings

Special Servitec



  • Customized special solutions for large-scale systems and high customer requirements

  • Application examples: data centres, district heating 

News in the anniversary year

Servitec S

  • Powerful, central degassing of the content and make-up water for medium-sized systems

  • Systems with water contents up to 6 m³ or for water-glycol mixtures up to 4 m³

  • Controlled central make-up function with almost gas-free supplementary water

  • Easy installation and commissioning thanks to plug-and-play function and app control
  • available in August 2019

Further information.

Adjusted product portfolio

The Servitec portfolio has been adjusted to provide a better overview. All larger systems are now also suitable for water-glycol applications and can operate up to an temperature of 90°C. This modification reduces the portfolio and makes it much clearer. In addition, technical improvements have been made to the design, such as the conversion to 2x2-way valves. Available from August 2019

Further information.

Satisfied customers

In addition to our standard Servitec portfolio, which can be installed in technically more sophisticated systems for medium-sized to large plants, we offer customized special solutions. Special requirements such as high temperatures and pressures or stainless steel stirrers for data centres or district heating systems can be realised with our customized Servitec. Find out more about our references here.

  • Novotel Nürnberg Centre Ville

    More comfort: In the Novotel, maintenance costs have been significantly reduced, as the use of Servitec 60 eliminates the need for radiator ventilation in 240 hotel rooms.

  • Heating Plant Hamm

    XXL-Solution: The high customer requirements such as 1,200 m³ system volume required the production of a customer-specific special Servitec.

  • State Hospital Salzburg

    Safety first: In hospitals, the Servitec 60 GL maximises the operational safety of the entire system.

  • Production site Winkelmann Powertrain Components

    Added value for the environment: Winkelmann's sustainable power autarky project also benefits from the reduction in energy consumption thanks to the degassing of the system water with Servitec 60.

  • District heating Grund, Böblingen

    Save 60%: Thanks to the use of customized pressure maintenance and Servitec, maintenance costs were reduced by 60% compared to the old system.