Pressurisation stations

Reliable pressure maintenance for any requirements

We offer a broad portfolio of pressurisation stations to enable automated and precise pressure maintenance in systems with the broadest spectrum of different requirements.

Dynamic pressure maintenance stations are the next generation improvement on conventional diaphragm expansion vessels with static pressure pads. The difference in principle lies in the addition of a control unit that can be used to change the volume in a connected vessel and ensures highly efficient performance.

Reflex offers the compressor-controlled version Reflexomat or pump-controlled pressurisation system Variomat. The Reflexomat manages the pressure control by a compressor, while the Variomat uses a pump. Additionally the Variomat possesses an integrated degassing function. Both product families are available in a multitude of different sizes and can on request be individually designed.

Three key advantages of dynamic pressure maintenance:

  • Automated and monitored operation
  • Smaller vessel volume saves space
  • Reliable pressure maintenance

New within this product range: Reflexomat XS - Full performance on the spot

Area of application

Reflexomat XS serves especially in small and midsize installations.


  • Space-saving and compact design
  • Applicable in confined places
  • Reflex Control Smart app for easy monitoring via Bluetooth
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintenance thanks to a free access to all product components

Full App control with a range of digital features

  • Easy commissioning thanks to p₀-assistant
  • Pre-integrated group fault signal, RS-485 interface and bus module Modbus RTU Touch
  • Integrated operation assistant for troubleshooting, commissioning, service and maintenance
Reflexomat XS Flyer

Full performance on the spot

➤ Reliable compressor-controlled pressure maintenance

➤ Compact and space-saving design

➤ Various pre-integrated digital features

Reflexomat XS serves as small compressor-controlled pressurisation station for heating and cooling systems especially in small and midsize installations.