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Holistic thinking, an eye for interconnections and detailed solution Expertise - that is the benchmark we work to and this makes us a high-performing and responsible partner—especially when it comes to highly sensitive projects, complex large-scale facilities and custom solutions. Comprehensive technological expertise, holistic thinking and systematic customer-centricity make us a reliable partner in implementing highly individual solutions.

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Holistic solution expertise from planning all the way to service

Our project sales team is your full-service Partner for all issues relating to water-bearing building Technology.

Your benefits:

  • Vast experience in all areas of special pressure maintenance

  • International team with local knowledge

  • Highest quality Standards, Independently audited processes

  • Consideration of international standards such as ASME, ANSI, etc.

  • DIN EN 12953 and TRD 604 certification for hot-water facilities


Reflex Winkelmann GmbH is one of the leading providers worldwide of planning and executing solutions for water-bearing systems in the field of building and supply engineering. We see ourselves as an innovator in the development of first-class products, smart concepts and highly efficient solutions for facilities of all sizes and complexities.

Attached you will find a selection of project realizations.

Our references

Dubai, UAE

Bluewaters – Wharf Retail

Contractor: AE Arma Elektropanc Electromechanical Co LLC / Inkas Group DMCC, Dubai

Client: Client

Name: Meraas Holdings Commissioned in: August 2017


Archieved goals

Accurate pressure maintenance and degassing system

Dubai, UAE

Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue Expansion

Contractor: BK Gulf LLC

Client: Emaar PJSC


Archieved goals

Reduced energy consumption thanks to vacuum degasser ensuring the dissolved air is removed efficiently.

Reduced foot print of dynamic pressurisation unit.

Dubai, UAE

La Mer beach front destination

Contractor: ADC Energy Systems LLC

Client: Meraas Holdings


Archieved goals

Customized chilled water pressurization and vacuum spray tube degassing system for a reliable operation of district cooling plant.

Albufeira, Portugal

Águas do Algarve, Pinhal do Concelho

Contractor: specified by CONSULGAL and installed by HUBEL – Indústria da Água.

Commissioned in: 2016


Archieved goals

With these Reflex surge control vessels a reliable operation of the complete system is ensured, while minimizing the transient flows.

Ahlen, Germany

Winkelmann Powertrain Components

Client: Intern project

Commissioned in: January 2019


Archieved goals

On 1 January 2019, Winkelmann Group disconnected one of its sites from the public grid. Since then, the site has been fully self-powered.

Within the overall strategy, the Reflex buffer tanks serve as hydraulic separators, buffering heat, e.g. at the weekend.

The Reflex skid solution guarantees reliable pressure maintenance, degassing and makeup and is controlled by the central building management system.

Cairo, Egypt

Al Watany Eye Hospital

Contractor: Orascom Constructions

Client: EWM, Cairo / Al Watany Eye Hospital

Commissioned in: November 2015


Archieved goals

Controlled pressure maintenance of the chilled water system operates reliable.

Salzburg, Austria

State Hospital Salzburg

Contractor: Ortner Innsbruck

Client: tirol kliniken

Commissioned in: August 2018


Archieved goals

Reliable pressure maintenance in both the heating and brine circuits.

Innsbruck, Austria

House of Music Innsbruck

Contractor: IIG (Innsbrucker Immobilien Gesellschaft)

Client: TLT (Tiroler Landestheater)

Commissioned in: 06/10/2018


Archieved goals

The Variomats guarantee reliable pressure maintenance. Servitec vacuum spray-tube degassing and Exdirt separators ensure the optimum condition of the facility water, resulting in a high level of operational reliability.

Orel, Russia

Wonderful Vinyl Floor

Contractor: AMD Technologies

Client: IVC Group


Archieved goals

Reflex and Sinus – in cooperation with the design company – offered the optimal solution with the use of buffer capacities of 12,000 l and 2,000 l

Thermal insulation on buffer tanks, as well as pipes will be installed in the final stage.

Zirl, Austria

State Hospital Hochzirl

Contractor: Ortner Innsbruck

Client: tirol kliniken

Commissioned in: October 2018


Archieved goals

Replacing the compressor-controlled pressure maintenance solution with a Reflex Variomat made it possible to achieve further objectives in addition to dynamic pressure maintenance. The performance capabilities of the Variomat include, for example, atmospheric degassing of the system water and automatic make-up, while Fillsoft Zero makes sure the make-up water has a low salt content.

Olofström, Sweden

Volvo Olofström

Client: Armatec AB

Commissioned in: 2018


Archieved goals

Reliable pressure control with very small fluctuations for process cooling system (cooling for welding robots)

Gniezno, Poland

VELUX Factory Gniezno

Client: NB Polska Sp. Z o.o. – VELUX production factory


Archieved goals

The reliablitity of heat delivery has been improved significantly thanks to the modification of the heating system.

Integration of all components that have been operating in seperated systems into one heating network. Costs have been reduced, as the biomass boiler house can be mainly used now.

Hamm, Germany

Heating plant, Hamm municipal utilities

Contractor: Hamm municipal utilities


Archieved goals

There has been a significant reduction in the amount of oxygen binding agents as a result of using vacuum spray deaeration.

Warsaw, Poland

Pressurization Warsaw Spire

Contractor: Bilfinger HSG Facility Management Sp. z o.o.


Archieved goals

Pressure maintenance for a high building with PN25 solution

Moscow, Russia

Riviera Mall

Client: Renaissance Construction

Commissioned in: 2015


Archieved goals

The pressurization unit is working reliable since its installation in 2015.

Besides ensuring the pressure maintenance, degassing and automatic water-make up are part of the Variomat’s service scope. The system water is therefore almost free of air and gasses and can be provided in a sufficient amount.

Pristina, Kosovo

Heat transfer station

Contractor: city of Pristina


Archieved goals

Earthquake-resistant pressure maintenance

Vessel outdoor installation

Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien

Pátio da Maritima Business Complex

Contractor: Planalto Reliance (Reflex Winkelmann Distributor for Brazil), Installation by Star Center Climatização


Archieved goals

The complete degassing solution and pressure control offers operation reliability eliminating possible damages caused by gases inside the system with an irrelevant cost versus the global investment.

Nuremberg, Germany

Novotel Nürnberg Centre Ville

Contractor: Haustechnik Projekt GmbH


Archieved goals

No post-ventilation of the heating and cooling circuits.

Since the solution has been put into operation, it has not been necessary to enter the hotel rooms to remove air from the system.

Saves time and money.

If degassing of the heating and cooling circuits had not been provided, the system would already have needed to be vented 2 or 3 three times.

Hamm, Germany

Waste incineration, Hamm Westfalen

Contractor: MVA Hamm


Archieved goals

Evaporation and water hammer are prevented.

Longyearbyen, Norway

Longyearbyen District Heating

Client: SGP Armatec AS

Commissioned in: September 2018


Archieved goals

Pressurization system operates reliably.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Skyscraper Lakhta Center

Archieved goals

The large scale project could be realized according to all customer requirements.

Moscow city, Russia

Skyscrapers IQ-quarter

Contractor: Ant Yapi

Commissioned in: 2017


Archieved goals

The combination of several non-standard Reflex pressurization units ensure a reliable pressurization maintenance with high performance.

Espoo, Finland

Inex Partners logistic center

Client: Termovent Oy and Teknocalor Oy


Archieved goals

Reliable pressure control in various heating and cooling circuits.

Untervaz, Switzerland

Holcim cement works

Client: Holcim


Archieved goals

The additional intermediate circuit enables the waste gas heat to be reduced to 220 °C and a steam turbine is able to convert the waste gas heat into power via a generator. This produces an additional nominal output of approx. 1.92 MW.

This corresponds to an annual output of approx. 14 GWh, which is enough to supply approx. 3,500 households with power.

Power consumption in the cement works can be reduced by 20% as a result.

Böblingen, Germany

Grund heating plant municipal utilities

Client: Stadtwerke Böblingen


Archieved goals

Maintenance compared to old pressure maintenance systems has been reduced by 60%.

Current consumption has been decreased considerably thanks to the new speed-controlled pumps.

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