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Holistic thinking, an eye for interconnections and detailed solution Expertise - that is the benchmark we work to and this makes us a high-performing and responsible partner—especially when it comes to highly sensitive projects, complex large-scale facilities and custom solutions. Comprehensive technological expertise, holistic thinking and systematic customer-centricity make us a reliable partner in implementing highly individual solutions.

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Holistic solution expertise from planning all the way to service

Our project sales team is your full-service Partner for all issues relating to water-bearing building Technology.

Your benefits:

  • Vast experience in all areas of special pressure maintenance

  • International team with local knowledge

  • Highest quality Standards, Independently audited processes

  • Consideration of international standards such as ASME, ANSI, etc.

  • DIN EN 12953 and TRD 604 certification for hot-water facilities


Reflex Winkelmann GmbH is one of the leading providers worldwide of planning and executing solutions for water-bearing systems in the field of building and supply engineering. We see ourselves as an innovator in the development of first-class products, smart concepts and highly efficient solutions for facilities of all sizes and complexities.

Attached you will find a selection of project realizations.

Our references

Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Special pressure maintenance and special degassing for airport heat and power plant.

The project ran smoothly right from the testing stage. To date, regular operation is running without a hitch. EAN, E.ON edis and Reflex are satisfied – now we're just waiting for the passengers...

Grund heating plant municipal utilities

Special pressure maintenance, special degassing and special make-up The remit was to install a new pressure maintenance system with reserve capacity and stateof-the-art technology to ensure that requirements of both the producers and consumers are met with respect to plant expansions that have already been implemented and those that are planned for the future. The main objective, however, is to achieve exceptionally high security of supply for all consumers.

Maintenance compared to old pressure maintenance systems has been reduced by 60%. Current consumption has been decreased considerably thanks to the new speed-controlled pumps.

Waste incineration, Hamm Westfalen

Special pressure maintenance. When the saturated steam pressure falls below the vapor pressure, the heat transfer medium starts to evaporate. The negative effect of this is that water hammer can occur, which can cause a wide range of damage to the pipelines in particular. If the pressure falls further, the damage can be even greater.

Evaporation and water hammer are prevented.

Novotel Nürnberg Centre Ville

Dynamic pressure maintenance, degassing and heating/cooling water manifolds with integrated low loss headers.

No post-ventilation of the heating and cooling circuits. Since the solution has been put into operation, it has not been necessary to enter the Hotel rooms to remove air from the system. Saves time and money. If degassing of the heating and cooling circuits had not been provided, the system would already have needed to be vented 2 or 3 three times.

EnBW CHP plant

The existing pressure maintenance system for the North/West district heating Network was to be partially extended and replaced. The measures were necessary, as during a total power outage in January 2009, the pressure maintenance system also failed and Evaporation occurred in the district heating Network.

Holcim cement works

The remit is to create an intermediate circuit so that waste gas heat at 420 °C can be used. The ORC system is operated with a temperature of 14/215 °C in the intermediate circuit (heating water). To prevent the water from evaporating, the system must be kept at a constant pressure of approx. 29 bar (pressure maintenance).

Gateshead District Energy Centre

Creating a customized solution including a packaged pressure maintenance station/vacuum degasser and specific vessels resulted in lower installation costs and a more efficient solution. Residents in the area will be able to enjoy reduced exposure to Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Climate Change Levy. On-going heating plant maintenance, servicing and replacement costs will be reduced.

Heating plant, Hamm municipal utilities

The aim was to reduce high levels of oxygen-binding chemicals caused by high backfeed quantities and the necessary use of the expansion vessel that was open to the atmosphere.

There has been a significant reduction in the amount of Oxygen binding agents as a result of using vacuum spray deaeration.

VELUX Factory Gniezno

Connect existing individual static and vessels pressurization units in order to enable their interaction for operating in one common heating Network. Calculate additional vessels so that the new pressurization system could also absorbt he expansion from the new pipeline built for the common heating Network.

The reliablitity of heat delivery has been improved significantly thanks to the modification of the heating System. Integration of all components that have been operating in seperated systems into one heating network. Costs have been reduced, as the biomass boiler house can be mainly used now.