Prefabrication made to measure!

Skid’s are the tailor-made all in one solution for your large-scale projects!

Large construction projects are under high cost and time pressure, deliveries have to occur just-in-time and budgets need to strictly be met. Right here, skid solutions come in and simplify the everyday business of specifiers and architects. They are prefabricated and orchestrated system solutions from Reflex for pressure maintenance, degassing, water make-up and water treatment, including complete piping and intelligent control systems.

Skids offer a high degree of flexibility and many advantages for installers and operators on site. Starting from time saving and more efficient processes for specifiers, engineers and installers in their every day business, through optimum construction quality up to on-time delivery – that is how the customer can concentrate on his core business.

Skid consists of Variomat Giga primary and secondary vessels, control unit and hydraulic module, as well as an intermediate vessel Reflex V and control vessel Reflex G

Benefits of skid solutions

  • Efficient project planning
  • Individual design
  • Space-saving concept
  • Comprehensive all-in-one solution
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Optimum system performance
  • Minimum time- and cost-investment

Fast, flexible, safe

Skids are used in buildings of any size: From municipal schools up to international airports. They can be flexibly integrated in various systems and therefore optimize heating- and cooling-systems as well as solar- and water supply systems. But not only the solution’s flexibility is a huge plus also the reliability achieves a maximum with it. Thereby skid solutions can also be installed in sensitive surroundings, like data centers or power plants. The operator’s own standards can be easily met and the modules developed according to customer-specific parameters.

The system gets pre-tested and the single components harmonized by master and slave circuit. The latter ensures a back-up in case of an incidence and hence guarantees maximum reliability and safety. As a result installation effort and possible installation mistakes a strongly reduced. The system can fast and easily be integrated on site – either in the building or outside.

Skid consisting of control unit, control vessel Reflex S, hydraulic module, distribution box and Servitec degassing system including water make-up tanks.

Achieve your goal comfortably

Besides the highest level of safety and reliability , Reflex focuses on a high user-friendliness and a strong user-comfort. This is not only valid for the controlling units and design, but also for the logistics, where we deliver huge skids in small entities to avoid exceptional transportation. The single skids get delivered by truck and can directly be installed on site via plug and play.

References with skid solutions

Dubai, UAE

Bvlgari – Hotel Residence

Contractor: Alemco Electro Mechanical Contracting

Client: Meraas Holdings

Archieved goals

The chilled water system is running reliably thanks to the controlled pressurization system.

The vacuum spray tube degassing Servitec ensures an air-free system with less maintenance costs and a long service life.

Gateshead Council, UK

Gateshead District Energy Centre

Client: Gateshead Council

Archieved goals

Creating a customized solution including a packaged pressure maintenance station/vacuum degasser and specific vessels resulted in lower installation costs and a more efficient solution. Residents in the area will be able to enjoy reduced exposure to Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Climate Change Levy.

On-going heating plant maintenance, servicing and replacement costs will be reduced.

An estimated 400 homes and 6 public buildings will benefit with capacity to significantly increase the network in the future.

Rottweil, Germany


Contractor: Sülzle Kopf GmbH

Client: ENRW Energieversorgung Rottweil GmbH & Co.KG Rottweil

Commissioned in: August 2017

Archieved goals

So far, operation has been trouble-free with no additional effort required. The twin system has already proven its performance capabilities.

Degassing commenced in continuous operation before now being performed at regular intervals, which saves even more energy. By the same token, the pressure maintenance pumps only switch on when needed (whereas they used to run continuously).

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