Article-No. 7313800

Reflex Refix DE 300, diaphragm expansion vessel without through flow, blue, 25/4 bar

Refix DE
Non-flowed through diaphragm expansion tank for water supply installations that are not subject to DIN 1988, e.g. fire extinguishing and service water systems, underfloor heating or heat source installations. Vessels fitted according to DIN EN 13831. Approval according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EC.
  • Bladder according to DIN EN 13831 / replaceable from 50 litres
  • Parts in contact with water are corrosion-protected
  • Durable epoxy resin coating
  • 33 litres with brackets, from 50 litres with adjustable feets
  • From Ø 1,000 mm including pressure gauge
  • Pressure gauge and supply pressure valve protected by clip
Type: DE 300
Colour: blue
Nominal volume: 300 l
Max. useful volume: 200 l
Max. permissible system temperature: 70 °C
Max. perm. operating temperature: 70 °C
Max. perm. operating pressure: 25 bar
Factory provided gas supply pressure: 4 bar
Connection: DN50/PN40
Diameter: 750 mm
Height: 1318 mm
High water connection: 160 mm
Tilt dimension approx.: 1370 mm
Weight: 150,00 kg