Article-No. 8123400

Reflex Longtherm RLG-14-45, gasketed heat exchanger, 110 °C, 16 bar

Reflex Longtherm
gasketed plate heat exchanger with stainless steel plates.

The plates, fitted with glue-free NBR butyl gaskets, are suspented from the upper support bar and then fixed in the carbon steel frame with the clamping screws.

Approval according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EC. Type: RLG-14-45
Colour: blue
Number of plates: 45
Plate thickness: 0,50 mm
Plate material: AISI 316L
Volume primary side (k2/k3): 7,06 l
Volume secondary side (k4/k1): 7,06 l
Max. perm. operating temperature: 110 °C
Max. perm. operating pressure: 16 bar
Connection: AG 2"
Connection variant: pipe
Connection material: AISI 316L
Sealing material: NBR butyl
Frame material: steel P355GH
Height: 896 mm
Height k2-k3/k4-k1: 694 mm
Width: 300 mm
Width primary-secondary: 126 mm
Depth: 763 mm
Weight: 146,80 kg