Article-No. 8259550

Reflex Exdirt D 150 V F1, dirt separator with flange, 110 °C, 10 bar

Reflex Exdirt V
Dirt and sludge separator for heating and cooling water systems or closed liquid-filled plant systems.

For installation with standard installation length F1 (DIN 3202-1) according to DIN EN 558:2017-05.

Suitable for the media water and water/glycol mixtures up to a mixing ratio of 50/50%.

Fitting for removing particles with a size of up to 50 micrometres from the flow of liquid by use of a Flowpac separator element designed specially for the purpose.

The cleaning and emptying of the dirt collection chamber is possible via a dedicated desludging ball valve without any necessity to interrupt operation.

Optional expansion with an Exferro magnet insert for separation of ferromagnetic particles from the fluid flow.
Type: D 150 V F1
Housing material: painted steel
Colour: grey
Installation variant: vertical
Max. perm. operating temperature: 110 °C
Max. perm. operating pressure: 10 bar
Connection: DN150/PN16
Cleaning connection: IG 1"
Connection variant: flange
Max. volume flow: 108,0 m³/h
Flow rate characteristic value kvs: 439,1 m³/h
Diameter: 354 mm
Height: 1018 mm
Min. maintenance height: 430 mm
Installation length: 480 mm
Central flange-jacket: 430 mm
Weight: 71,80 kg