Longtherm (heat exchangers)

The heat exchangers of the Longtherm series can be adapted to almost any requirement profile. They are available in a wide range of sizes, embossments and connection types, offering the best compromise between low flow resistance and highly efficient heat exchange. This allows Longtherm heat exchangers to cover all major energy applications.

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Longtherm brazed

The special soldering process ensures the robustness and permanent connection of the plates, allowing the heat exchangers easily to withstand high temperatures up to 230 °C and, depending on the type, permissible operating pressures up to 30 bar.

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Longtherm gasketed

In the case of very low temperature spreads and very high output ranges above 1MW, screwed-on heat exchangers are used due to their efficiency. Due to their ease of dismantling, the screwed plate heat exchangers can be cleaned easily and quickly or can be extended by further plate packages. Upon customer request, and dependent on the medium, the seals, the plate material and the frames can be freely configured by our experts.

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