Reflexomat (compressor-controlled)

In Reflexomat pressure maintaining stations, the pressure on the gas side of the tank is controlled via compressor:

  • If the set pressure is exceeded, the overflow valve opens and discharges air from the expansion tank. The drop in pressure on the air side causes water to flow into the expansion tank and the system pressure drops.
  • When the pressure drops below the set value, the compressor switches on and delivers air to the air side of the expansion vessel. This pushes the water into the system, the water level in the tank drops, the system pressure rises.

For make-up and degassing, the Reflexomat can be equipped with additional devices. The option of intelligent integration of make-up is already integrated in the Reflex Control controller.

Reflexomat Silent Compact

Compact variant with nominal volume of 200–500 l.

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The nominal volume of the vessels is 200 – 5,000 l. One control unit regulates the pressurisation using one or two compressors and the air release valve.

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