Article-No. 4206452

SINUS Multi-temperature zone hydraulic separator DN400, 6 bar, 110 °C

Multi-temperature zone low-loss header for collecting and distributing volume flows and temperatures of different sizes in different temperature zones using patented Sinus diffuser tubes.
Internal pressure-loss-free nozzle chambers prevent unwanted mixing of temperatures. This prevents the influencing of pumps and various control circuits.
Consisting of a vertical round chamber made of welded tube P235 with welded-in cover and bottom.
Connecting pieces for heat generators and heat consumers made of welded steel pipe with weld neck flanges PN 6 / PN 16.

The MTW can be used as a low-loss header distribution centre, hydraulic centre and, in refrigeration engineering simultaneously as a buffer store.

2” threaded nozzle for desludging. ½” sleeve for temperature sensor. Standing foot with holes for attachment to the floor.

The component is checked for 100% leak-tightness and primed in the factory. Type: MTW-400
Operating temperature: -10 °C - 110 °C
Operating pressure: 0 bar - 6 bar