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Reflex: ISH - Factsheet

The Reflex product range includes

• Membrane expansion vessels

• Pressure-maintaining stations

• Water make-up systems & water treatment

• Degassing systems & separation technology

• Hot water storage tanks & heat exchangers

• Highly-individual manifold technology

Reflex: ISH - Multivalent solutions

The Sinus MultiFlow Center is further reliable evidence of how the synergies of Reflex and Sinus can be used in teamwork. In the segment of solutions for multivalent heating or cooling systems, the manifold and accumulation module combines low loss headers and manifolds – with a buffer memory as the basis.

Reflex: ISH - Sinus EasyFixx

It was a successful connection in the past, as it is now and will continue to be in the future: the alliance between Reflex and Sinusverteiler. The efficient solutions of Reflex merge perfectly with Sinusverteiler components in heating and cooling systems.

Reflex: ISH - Storage tank class A

The design? Distinctive, modern and, above all, edgy, for a space-saving installation. The effect? With a focus on the best possible energy efficiency.

Reflex: ISH - Servimat

Reflex Winkelmann’s company focus is to set standards in competition. This has now also been successful in terms of the basic concept of uniting two important base functions into a single product.

Reflex: ISH - Reflexomat Silent

The method is well-known and long proven. When it comes to compressor-controlled pressure maintenance, the Reflexomat is a key element in the system, making it the first choice for many experts.

Reflex: ISH - Exdirt V

Reflex dirt and sludge separators are focussed on sustainability and impress with a robust structure that has proven itself on the market over the course of many years. With the newly developed Reflex Exdirt V, it will also be possible to use the tried-and-tested separator technology in a vertical pipe from DN 50.

Reflex: ISH - Servitec

Smoother, clearer and more efficient: The constant inspection of the services provided with the Servitec vacuum spray-tube degassing system has resulted in optimisation of the structure of the established systems.

Reflex: ISH - Servitec Mini

The total volume and system pressure are crucial parameters for the dimensioning of a Reflex Servitec degassing system. Servitec systems are available for virtually any system size. Technicians can rely on the tried-and-tested vacuum spray-tube degassing “Developed in Ahlen”.