Product configurator ProSinusX

From compact manifolds via HydroFixx, to buffer tanks. ProSinusX allows installers and planners to create individual configuration for even the most complex manifold construction and other hydraulic components. Just enter the project name and location, then click on “Configure now” to launch the new Sinus product configurator. Registered users can save own projects and retrieve them at any time. High compatibility and simple transfer: The final configuration can then be transferred to the user’s CAD drawing programs via most common interfaces. The web-based application ensures that configured projects can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world and allows individual tender documents to be drafted, including GAEB. The bottom line: Thanks to its extensive technical functionality, an extensive choice of products, as well as a quick and user-friendly user interface, ProSinusX is an indispensable digital tool. The Sinus manifold components integrate seamlessly with Reflex Winkelmann heating and cooling systems. Further information.